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Oriental Poppy - Beauty of Livermere
Here at Planting Poppy Seeds we're slighty dotty about poppies. These fantastic plants are a great way to liven up any garden, pot, container, patio, hanging basket, window box, or any other area you can think of. They are easy to grow and with a little nurture will thrive very quickly in most enviromnnments. And if you're looking for a plant with great variety, flexibility and diverse use, then poppies are your ideal plant.

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Take a look in our picture gallery for some of the most vibrant and beautiful poppies available, including links of just where to buy stunning specimens.
Oriental Poppy - Fancy Feathers

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Poppy Seeds - Wildlife Gardening with Popppies
Many gardeners, once they've become intrigued by the world of growing plants such as poppy seeds, realize that creating an outside oasis is as requiring of wildlife than it is of plants. Whilst you can fill any garden with a huge range of beautiful flowers and blooms, a wonderful extra dimension can be added by attracting wildlife into the garden. Bird song, the buzzing of insects and, if you happen to live in the right places, the wonderful whirring of hummingbird wings can bring a garden to vibrant life. Whether you're trying to create a specific wildlife garden, or just want to put in a few plants which will attract some bees and butterflies, poppy seeds are ideal.....see more

Poppy Flower Seeds – Poppies for Use in All Garden Designs

One of the most beneficial reasons for using poppy flower seeds in your garden is that they can be used in almost any setting. You may simply garden in a free style method, adding your favorite plants and flowers wherever you wish and allowing your garden to grow in a freeform way. Alternatively you may be a little stricter, keeping to a specific garden design. This can involve staying to certain colors so that all plants have unity across a set palette. Perhaps you’re keeping planting within certain heights, carefully creating a low flowering alpine garden or a jungle of ferns and towering specimens. Or you may be adhering carefully to traditional garden designs whether it’s a formal space, a cottage garden, or a modern and architectural delight.

One of the best reasons to have poppies in your garden is that these flowers can find a use in all garden types whatever you’re trying to achieve. Whilst the poppy’s bloom can lend itself more to being used in flowery and natural garden environments, even in the most formal of gardens it can be used to great effect. By simply taking time to look at garden design principles you’ll be able to fit it into any setting.

Oriental Poppy Prince of Orange
Cottage Gardens and Natural Designs

Poppies work wonderfully in these settings as their naturally beautiful flowers are soft and delicate. They will easily incorporate themselves into any natural garden and offer radiant blooms which will easily compliment other cottage garden plants such as roses, clematis, peonies and alliums.

Alpine Poppy
Alpine Gardens

With several specific alpine poppy seeds available you will easily be able to incorporate this wonderful family of plants into your setting. Whether you’ve created a little rockery alpine garden or have instead indulged in an alpine meadow filled with color, there are a range of suitable and specific alpine poppies to use. Meanwhile, with a number of dwarf California poppies also available you’ll be able to find great flowers to make your creation really wow.

Papaver somniferum - Fire and Snow
Formal Gardens

Formal gardens are often characterized by their straight lines and carefully regimented planting. This in no way means that you cannot use poppy flower seeds and as long as the principles of linear sowing and structured planting are kept to you won’t break with traditional formal gardening. Papaver somniferum seeds work especially well and can be planted in rows behind box hedging to great effect.

Specific Color Palettes

With a huge range of bloom color and flower size there is always a suitable poppy whatever your design may be. Dark purples lend themselves to deep palettes, whilst hot reds and oranges work in tropical gardens. Whites make the perfect backdrop, and soft pinks and pastels work in elegant and graceful gardens.

Whatever your planting plan may be and whatever garden design you’re trying to achieve there is a place for poppies. Their versatility means that there will almost always be an ideal specimen for whatever you require. And with a little creative innovation you’ll find that poppy flower seeds work well in every garden.